//10 Strange Facts About Chocolate

10 Strange Facts About Chocolate

  1. Chocolate was used as money

Cocoa beans used to be considered as being worth more than gold dust in Mayan times. To ensure that the value of cocoa beans would not go down, cultivation of the beans was restricted.

2. White chocolate isn’t real chocolate!

Shock horror! This has led to many a debate amongst many enthusiastic chocolate lovers and chocolatiers! For a product to be classified as real chocolate, it has to contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. White chocolate, however, contains cocoa butter instead.


3. We eat a lot of Toblerones.

Have a guess how many Toblerones are sold each year… go on!

Well, what if I was to tell you that actually if all the Toblerones sold each year were laid end to end, they would go on for 62,000km which is longer than the circumference of the Earth?

Yep! Regardless of their new design with an awful lot less chocolate, it seems you guys can’t get enough.


4,Crisps dipped in chocolate exist.

Some may love this idea, personally I can’t say it would be for me BUT Lay’s in America (Walkers in the UK) sold crisps dipped in a layer of milk chocolate for a short period of time. They apparently had a “salty-sweet combination, along with the texture contrast of warm melted chocolate and a crunchy chip.” What are your thoughts? Love it or loathe it?


5.Chocolate chip cookies were an accident!

In 1930, a lady called Ruth Wakefield realised she was out of baker’s chocolate and mixed broken piece of Nestle chocolate into her cookie dough, expecting the chocolate to be absorbed. Hey presto, the chocolate chip cookie was invented! She later sold this idea to Nestle in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate… I wonder if she should have held out for a larger payment?


6. The world’s largest chocolate bar.

In celebration of it’s 100th birthday, Thorntons created the world’s largest chocolate bar weighing in at a phenomenal 5,792.50kg. Here’s hoping they did something worthwhile with it afterwards!


7. European’s love chocolate!

Europeans account for almost half the world’s chocolate consumption. Apparently, the average Brit, Swiss and German eats a whopping 11kg of chocolate a year!!


8. A chocolate river exists

Well… it did… back in 1971. The famous chocolate river Augustus Gloop almost drowned in in the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film was made with 15,000 gallons of water mixed with chocolate and cream. Cream has its downfalls though, it spoiled fairly quickly and the cast said it left a terrible smell!


9. Chocolate is a Fruit!

Chocolate comes from a fruit tree; it’s made from a seed. Not sure it ‘quite’ counts as your 5 a day though.


10. A LOT of beans

Each cacoa tree produces approximately 2,500 beans. It takes 400 cocoa beans to make just 450g of chocolate


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