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About Us

We realised something needed to change and we had to reconnect, so we began studying and attending courses across the country as a way of spending quality time together. What started as a bit of fun and bonding soon turned into a serious pursuit, and it didn’t take us long to realise we are as good at making chocolate as we are at eating it!

Maternity leave presented the ideal opportunity to start developing our homegrown business. We lovingly spent every bit of time we could find creating our handmade chocolates, and before we knew it, Confectionately Yours Ltd. was born.

Aside from the obvious chocolatey awesomeness, one of the best parts of our job is getting to attend so many events and meeting customers face-to-face. We always aim to work directly with customers and hear your feedback to enable us to continually improve our products and give you what you want.

Thank you so much for visiting our shop, buying local and supporting our small business & family!

About Us Confectionately Yours