//Chocolate Week 2018

Chocolate Week 2018

Are you a chocolate lover? Is chocolate another food group to you? If you are passionate about chocolate, Chocolate Week 2018 is an event that was created just for you. Well, you and the thousands of other chocolate lovers throughout the country who would often choose chocolate over just about anything, except more chocolate!

Chocolate Week is the UK’s number one themed week, with fans throughout the country anticipating the events, the workshops and, of course, the chocolate tastings. Every October in the UK, chocolate fans are rejoicing as the week they have been waiting for all year begins. This year, Chocolate Week takes places from 15 to 21 October, 2018 and is full of hundreds of events held throughout the country.

Bigger And Better Than Ever!

Aside from the fact that there will be chocolate (need we say anything more?), Chocolate Week in the UK brings together some of the country’s leading chocolatiers, chocolate manufacturers, top venues and more to demonstrate our love for chocolate. Did you know there are hundreds of varieties of chocolate from all over the world including everything from sweet milk and white chocolate, to spicy dark chocolate and chocolates infused with a wide range of flavours from red wine to bacon? And that’s just the beginning! Chocolate Week shares some of the world’s most uniquely inspired chocolates and pairs them with a selection of wines, cordials and more to create an impossibly good flavour palette that you will have to try for yourself to believe.

A Wide Range Of Events

Hotels, bars, restaurants and other venues throughout the country will be participating in this year’s Chocolate Week making the 14th annual event bigger and better than ever. There is something for everyone including talks, tastings, demonstrations and sampling, as well as some exciting, and very innovative, new products from the world of chocolate confections.

Learn about the latest innovations in manufacturing, how to use chocolate in a variety of recipes including main dishes, side dishes, cocktails and more (it’s not just for dessert, after all!).

Chocolate-From Bean To Bar

Chocolate Week was created as a way to promote chocolates from all over the world and to show that chocolate is an incredibly versatile food that has more uses than many people know. Premium chocolates, independent artisan chocolatiers and some of the world’s leading chocolate companies, as well as cocoa farmers come together to show off why chocolate is one of the world’s leading sweets and why it has been an important global commodity and how it goes from bean to bar, step by step.

If you have missed this year’s Chocolate Week, don’t worry, it happens every year and is growing stronger and stronger as more and more people realise the importance of chocolate and its many uses in their everyday lives.

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