//Dairy Free? Vegan? We’ve got it covered!

Dairy Free? Vegan? We’ve got it covered!

So, we live in an era of increased choice in the marketplace, meaning that more people than ever are choosing to follow their preferred lifestyle.

With more labelling directives coming from the government and food standards agencies, and with ever-increasing speedy access to the Internet letting us do more and more research on the go, we’re almost at a stage where there is no excuse not to follow what our heart is truly telling us.

Becoming a vegan is most definitely amongst one of the strictest dietary choices, meaning that you need to cut out meat, eggs, vegetables, dairy products and any ingredient that is animal in its origin. Once deemed to be subjecting yourself to a life of limited choices and blander tastes, today the supermarket shelves are growing on an almost daily basis with vegan alternatives to the foods that we crave. And yes, this means that there is now a pretty worthy substitute to that chocolate bar that you once thought you could never live without. Worth the expected price hike due to higher operational costs and ingredient sourcing, yes you can cry in to that chocolate bar, find comfort in a nutty slab of indulgent loveliness or simply enjoy what has to be one of life’s most worthy eating practices, safe in the knowledge that you are staying true to your morals in every way.

Confectionately Yours are, of course, determined to cater for every chocolate lover under the sun, and in order to ensure only vegan chocolate perfection is being sold under our name, undertook many tasting hours to ensure your tasting pleasure.

Each and every item in the Conscious Chocolate range is vegan, vegetarian and organically certified as well as being free from gluten, free from dairy, free from soya, free from refined sugars and with a low GI and GL index…. wow…

Better still it is suitable for diabetics, suitable for vegans, suitable for raw foodists, suitable for vegetarians, suitable for coeliacs, high in fibre and free from fructose…phew…

And there’s more…it is made with biodegradable and compostable packaging and made from ethically sourced ingredients. Perfection.

Available in Essential Orange, Vegan Nutty, Mint Hint, Chilli Hot, Intense 75% Dark and Love Potion, buy yours here (a whopping 25% off for this weekend only!) and enjoy guilt-free chocolate munching…well almost…

Fancy yourself as a chocolate cooking master? Try this scrummy-licious Vegan Chocolate Lava Cake recipe from the animal cruelty organisation, PETA.

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