//Do Women Really Like Chocolate More Than Men?

Do Women Really Like Chocolate More Than Men?

So you’ve seen the adverts – a man tucking into a triple tier burger with all the dressings, downing a pint with his mates at the local boozer or grabbing a hot pie at the football match/pasty on the go.

And women? Well it seems that’s all about losing weight with healthy eating options and diet pills, fighting back the signs of anti-ageing or shopping for the latest fashions from the comfort of the latest pink glitter covered tablet or smartphone.

Yes, when it comes to the world of advertising, stereotypes show no signs of diminishing, knowing that however much the world may preach that it’s changed, actually it really hasn’t that much.

So, when it comes to chocolate, only a fool would assume that it is only women who succumb to its creamy, dreamy pleasures, yet advertisers very definitely give the majority of their marketing towards the female gender. Is there something we don’t know about and do women really like chocolate more than men?

For those of us who suffer from PMS, that tummy gurgling, almost overwhelming hunger pang that strikes at certain times of the month is far from just a myth. Cravings can be a very defined part of a woman’s menstrual cycle, making them reach out for an instant hit of sugary satisfaction, and the most accessible form the majority of the time is that much revered chocolate bar or chocolate stash. Deliciously Artisan, or a huge slab from the local Supermarket’s own brand range, when the feeling hits, resistance is futile.

And just as indulging in fine wine is seen to be a hobby, taking an interest in luxury, handcrafted chocolates is also a current food trend. As much as this may appeal to both male and female genders, the experienced marketeer knows that the vision of a woman eating the finest of chocolates with bright red lipstick perfectly remaining intact is a vision that sells.

So, do women really like chocolate more than men? Well the simple answer is no – yes it may well be that women may prefer certain types and brands of chocolates whilst a man may go for the chunky  chocolate slab, but it is the advertisers who have created this image, and it is one that will be hard to shift from our consciousness any time soon.

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