/Gifts & Occasions
  • Apron

    This chocolate themed apron with perfect for the emitter or professional chef, whether they are cooking with chocolate or not! Made from high-quality cotton, the apron comes in a chocolate box or pink biscuits print on a quality 100 percent cotton fabric that is easily washable for all those culinary wipes and splashes.
  • A chocolate themed tea towel has to be the perfect addition to the busy kitchen where culinary delights and magic happen each and every day. Choose from our chocolate box or pink biscuit theme, with a love heart shaped pattern to reinforce the importance of chocolate in every cook’s life!
  • In an era of recycling and eco-friendliness, this chocolate themed tote bag is the perfect go-to item. Whether you choose luxury chocolate or pink biscuit theme, this high-quality bag is sure to be admired by everyone who sees it, drawing the sweetest of comments whilst being strong enough to hold the daily shop!
  • Cushion

    Just like the best dream you ever imagined, now you really cannot lay back and put your head in a chocolate box! Our high-quality chocolate themed cushions come in a choice of chocolate box, pink biscuits or luxury mix, leaving you literally spoilt for choice. This is the perfect gift for the child or teen, but, of course, it’s just as scrumptious for the chocolate lover in your life!
  • Nobody ever said that iPad covers had to be contemporary and minimalistic, so keep your technology safe and secure at all times with these high-quality chocolate themed security blankets! Whether you choose the chocolate box or pink biscuits print, your iPad has never looked so tasty, capturing admiring glances wherever it goes.
  • For the technology addict who has everything they need in their life, welcome to something they have certainly never considered! This high-quality iPhone bag is a quirky addition to the latest iPhone model with its chocolate box or pink biscuit design. Perfect for keeping your phone safe and secure and always in perfect condition, this is the chocolate lovers perfect gift!
  • Save the page with a chocolate themed bookmark that will have you keen to read some more. Available in two prints, choose from chocolate box or pink biscuit for a scrumptious page reminder without a single calorie. This quality bookmark comes complete with a ribbon loop, so you can always find exactly where you need to be.
  • The perfect girly night in always consists of make-up and chocolate, making this high-quality make-up bag a perfect blend of the two. Whether you choose chocolate box or pink biscuit print, this delicious chocolate themed bag will fit everything you need to keep yourself looking beautiful throughout the day and into the night.
  • With enough space to take all those essential stationery items that you need close at hand, this quality pencil case is a chocolate lover’s dream. Whether you choose chocolate box, pink biscuits, luxury choice or chocolate text, there will always be a chocolate fix at hand when those cravings strike.
  • For the chocolate lover in your life, choose a gift that can have them reaching for the chocolate any time you choose yet without a single calorie needing to pass their lips! These quality A5 notebooks come in three chocolate themed patterns. This is the perfect gift for students, teenagers, ultra-organised adults and anyone who doesn’t like their stationery to be on the plain side.
  • In the quest for beauty perfection, many of us may resist temptation in order to keep looking our best, but with these chocolate themed emery boards, you truly can have the best of both worlds. With no compromise on filing quality, choose from chocolate box or pink biscuits, each ribbon embossed cover revealing a useful emery board inside.
  • Having a tissue to hand will save the day when emergencies strike, and nothing is guaranteed to cheer you up more than chocolate. This high-quality chocolate themed tissue bag comes in a chocolate box or pink biscuit print and is perfectly sized for mini packets of tissues, keeping them safe and clean in the busiest and deepest of bags and briefcases.
  • Imagine being able to have chocolate with you at any given moment in the day yet without needing to put on even an ounce of weight! Our trio of quality A6 notebooks are chocolate heaven, with their chocolate box and biscuit related themes. Ideal for the busy life on the go, now you truly can have chocolate at hand whenever you want!
  • When it is starting to turn cold or you just need a comforting snuggle, many of us turn to the scrumptiousness of chocolate and curl up with a hot water bottle. Now you can have a real 2-in-1 moment with our chocolate box hot water bottle that will keep you warm on the coldest of nights without a melted chocolate in sight!
  • Why go plain when you can easily go swirly? Our Chocolate Swirl lolly has an addictive pattern that has been crafted to perfection, elevating the simple chocolate lollipop to a whole new level of excellence, not forgetting a creamy, luxury taste that will please the discerning adult as much as the chocaholic child. Ideal as a treat or as an add-on gift, no wonder our lollies never hang around for long!
  • Full of exquisite detail, these chocolate teddy lollies are almost too cute to eat! With their beaming smiles and fun dickie bows, these stylish fellas are made from a high-grade chocolate that is a delight to the taste buds, proving that good looks and a superior taste sensation are a match made in chocolate heaven.