//The Story Behind Chocolate Coins and Christmas

The Story Behind Chocolate Coins and Christmas

With Christmas getting closer and closer, you can almost feel the energy in the air every time a child walks by as they try their hardest to contain their excitement. For many of us, the Christmas season brings up memories of our own childhood and some of the gifts that we have received including some of our favourites. Whether you opened the big presents first, or you believed that good things came in small packages and opened those first, we can all agree that our favourites were the Christmas chocolates.

From chocolate Santa’s to those beautifully wrapped chocolate coins, the chocolate was a favourite among many children and still is today. We could understand the idea of a chocolate Santa, but where did those chocolate coins come from? Why did we always receive a bag of those for Christmas? Let’s take a look at the story behind the Christmas chocolate coins and understand why we still give them today:

There are actually a couple of different stories behind Christmas chocolate coins so we are going to share them both with you.

The first theory is a biblical one that dates back to the time when the three wise men visited Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Among the many gifts they brought with them, there was gold, a symbol of virtue and kingship on earth. Over the years, this became symbolized in the chocolate gold coins that we give on Christmas.

Another story behind chocolate coins, is that Saint Nick, the Bishop of Myra, wanted to give gifts to the children who lived in the villages. Being shy, he decided to drop gold coins down the chimneys of their homes and, at one house in particular, the coins just happened to fall into a little girl’s stocking which was hanging on the mantle. When rumours of this good fortune spread, other children began hanging stockings on their mantles in hopes that Saint Nick would leave them gold coins. As the cost of gold increased over the years, people began giving chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil.

Christmas Chocolates Spread Good Cheer, And Taste, To All!

Whichever story you choose to believe, giving gold wrapped chocolate coins on Christmas has become a tradition in homes throughout the UK and around the world. Even today, we give the gift of Christmas chocolates to our family, friends and loved ones as a way of saying Merry Christmas and spreading good cheer to all.

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