//Where to Hide your Favourite Chocolate

Where to Hide your Favourite Chocolate

Are you currently on a health kick, looking to lose weight or just realise that your chocolate obsession has gone way out of hand?

Especially tricky at times such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays, having chocolate at home is always going to be a huge temptation. And whilst it may seem easy enough to say just don’t have any chocolate in the home at all, for those with ravenous children and greedy husbands, it simply isn’t fair to deny them this most wondrous of confectionery items.

So, just where can you hide your favourite chocolate treat in order to keep it as far away from your consciousness as possible?

For those who are on a diet, as stupid as it may seem, attaching it to healthy food item serves as a reminder of the food choices that you are needing to make. Whether it be a bag of lettuce, calorie counted ready meal or box of seeds, facing temptation is a great visual prompt to keep on track.

Think where is the least likely place you are going to visit and place your chocolate craving there. There is an art to this, so the idea is not to put it somewhere where you will never ever find it again. But if, for example, there is a cupboard where you place Christmas decorations, winter coat pocket when it’s summer, or place it underneath that pile of worn towels that you keep purely for emergency, it’s all about not having to revisit your temptation on a ridiculously regular basis.

Of course, a far better way to control your chocolate consumption is to control how much of it you actually eat.

Consider buying treat size versions of your favourite chocolate bar that gives you all that taste yet without the resultant guilt. Ideal for those on a diet, most major weight loss companies advocate the idea that a little bit of what you fancy keeps your diet sanity and educates you in balancing your long-term food intake and cravings.

Buying your chocolate from an artisan chocolatier where chocolates are handmade with tender loving care also often means that smaller quantities are required to satisfy that craving due to the ratio of cocoa bean used. So, you get the same chocolatey satisfaction from a less amount – ker-ching!

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