//Which Drinks Go Best With Chocolate?

Which Drinks Go Best With Chocolate?

Salt and vinegar, ice cream and jelly, fish and chips, Ant and Dec (ahem) and perhaps the most wonderous pairing of all… chocolate and alcohol. For those who are just starting out on this collaborative journey, here’s a few little pointers.


Dark beer, dark chocolate. The sugars and bitterness of the beer are really brought out by the dark chocolate.


No matter how much we convince ourselves otherwise, that lemon wedge does not contribute to our 5 a day. Try switching it out with a square of chocolate instead. Really. The toasty notes of tequila and the creamy texture of tequila are a formidable duo. Mint or fruity chocolate seriously bring out the grassiness of the tequila.


A harmonious combination. They highlight any subtle flavours and mellow out any harshness. If you’re going to pair these, look for chocolate that’s been produced in one region (most likely labelled as single-origin chocolate). This gives the chocolate a pure taste.

Whiskey is a triple threat, it compliments milk, dark and white chocolate. Milk chocolate brings out the spicy kick in rye whiskeys, white chocolate is great with a smoky dram and an aged whiskey softens the bitterness of a 70% cacao.

High quality chocolate and alcohol are a necessity. Cheap and nasty spirits are not going to be complimented by much at all, let alone chocolate. At Confectionately Yours, we make it easy for you. Our handcrafted On The Rocks collection are created with beautiful, carefully paired flavours. Months of alcohol and chocolate tasting (sometimes, our jobs are just so tough!) went in to ensuring that we got it right! Our Raspberry Liqueurs are perfect for the upcoming warmer weather with a light, fruity taste and a real summer vibe.

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